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Firm History

Eidelman Virant Capital was founded in 1982 with a goal of achieving superior market returns with below market risk.  It began by implementing a value-oriented approach and believing in a rigorous research discipline.  These principles remain at the core of our research, and we have expanded on them for over 30 years.
We have uncovered special situations, market inefficiencies, and new ways to capitalize on investor psychology over the years.  Along the way, we have further improved our methods by closely examining the characteristics of past winners and how to apply them during our research.
In the end, we apply our investment strategy using all of the knowledge and experience that comes with being in the business since 1982 in order to achieve the goal on which our firm was founded.


Our Values

Core Values


  • Integrity & Trust: Do what is right.  Deliver on commitments. 
  • Client Centered: Always act in the best interest of our clients. 
  • Employees are Family: Care, kindness, courtesy, respect.
  • Passion for investing: Commitment to achieving superior investment results.
  • Positive “Can-Do” Attitude: Demonstrate a willingness to tackle any task.


Supporting Values


  • Be Nice: Reflect kindness and courtesy at all times.
  • Independent thinking: Have the courage to develop and articulate your own convictions.  Debate others openly and honestly. 
  • Teamwork:  Collaborate to gather facts, develop perspective, build conviction and support timely decision making. 
  • Community Involvement: Make the world a better place starting with our own community. 
  • Commitment to Excellence: Strive to learn and improve.  Implement best practices.   
  • Balance: Enjoy your work while balancing professional activities with interests beyond the firm.