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Step 3:  Conduct Rigorous Analysis

Our core values and years of experience have shaped what we focus on during our intensive analysis and our interpretation of the information we uncover. 

  • We begin by determining what will be the key drivers of earnings, cash flow, and price appreciation going forward.
  • We scrutinize the financial statements and SEC filings including a careful review of the footnotes looking for red flags and other discrete material information that others may overlook. 
  • After gaining a great understanding of the company, we often speak directly with management.  This is one of the best ways to get answers to our pointed questions and clarification on issues brought to light during our research.
  • Finally, we always ask ourselves the question “Why buy now?”  We look to buy companies with a catalyst which could be a driver of imminent price appreciation. Catalysts may include the introduction of a new exciting product, hiring of improved management, corporate restructuring, extreme investor sentiment, and other substantial corporate events.

Throughout our analysis, we add a healthy dose of skepticism.  We even seek out opinions that differ from our own.  After we have a full understanding of the other perspectives, we are better able to objectively come to a conclusion.

Stocks that pass the test of our rigorous analysis are worthy of inclusion in our clients’ portfolios.


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